3 Track Sliding Door & Window

Residential A.P.T (Seacoast)

Widen opening due to 3 track rail(1/2 ?2/3), Capable of applying on High-rise building with enhanced structural strength stemming from hetero-profile welding system, Manual pop-up handle (1~4 locking cams available) and automatic 2 locking cams available, Trendy projected handle.

No. Name Description
1. BF - 124ND
2. SF - 85ND
3. SF - 85NDS
4. GB - 5ND
5. MC - 85ND
6. BF - 68ND RF
7. SF - 85ND RF
8. SF - 85NDS RF
9. Roller - 77 (1P/2P)
10. F/Piece FP - 135B
11. SF Stopper - 75
12. Mohair-115
13. G/S - 22TT Out
14. Handle


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Upvc windows and doors

Upvc windows India

In short, UPVC WINDOWS means very strong plastic used to beneficially beautify our houses and buildings. UPVC WINDOWS can withstand with India’s varying climate with a greater strength and provide scratch free and beautiful glasses long-life.

Upvc windows in India


After reading all the benefits of UPVC windows, everyone would like to install the in their homes and for that Cora windows is the only destined point for the purpose. Because Cora windows is a company which understands your needs, desires and feelings. Hence Cora performance windows provide world-class services at every step from design selection to installation at your homes. Weather it’s a matter of your sweet home or a matter of your prestigious firm.

Upvc windows India


Cora windows provide not so expensive Upvc windows, variety of designs, easy to install and requires less care but brings your home to a better look which proves to be more lively, more energetic, more beautiful!!!

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German upvc


Cora performance windows provide the best quality products. Products of UPVC windows and doors that make your home a house, in fact a beautiful house that you always cherish. Cora performance windows will add a touch of class to any room and can provide a look which seems to be ostentatiously beautiful and attractive or as discreet as you want.


German upvc

Cora performance windows provide insulation from the outer world and changing environment. Due to this fact, it maintains the inner temperature and reduces electricity-usage, noise-free and an eco-friendly environment. They act as a thermal barrier between inner and outer world and manages the temperature and environment accordingly. UPVC Cora performance windows ensures anti-leakage during rainy season and helps to maintain condensation level to minimal and discourage the development of fungus and dry rots to get deposited on the glass or frames.


Upvc windows

UPVC Cora performance windows is a remarkable gift for all are having small kids in their house because they are highly secure and their locking technology is just extra-ordinary which makes it difficult to open when locked. Hence, they are childproof. If you want to enjoy the beautiful environment through your windows then UPVC Cora performance windows is the only choice you had to accomplish your desires.

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March 2013
What is upvc windows


In this scenario where burglary and robbery problems are so rampant and common,looking for more effective and efficient means of securing your home has become more important. One of the way you thought of securing your house is by implementing CCTV surveillance systems but you might first consider getting Upvc doors and windows. As security must begin from the door step.

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What is upvc windows

UPVC” stands for polyvinyl chloride and it is a popular building material. Although this material has been available from a long time but, it earlier it was not used for building doors and windows. Nowadays there is a high demand for UPVC material and demand is increasing day by day, especially in building doors and windows because of the security, durability and strength that it can offer.

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UPVC manufacturer

Which upvc windows

Cora performance Upvc doors and windows provide exceptional draft proofing, keeping proper insulation inside house. Upvc windows also ensure maximum ventilation to circulate air constantly around the home s that the environment of house is fresh and soothing for any visitor or house owner. Upvc doors and windows are easy to clean, maintain and are very lightweight. These are not bulky as wooden ones.

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