2 Track Sliding Door

Residential A.P.T (Seacoast)

Enhanced water tightness with raised track rail system(30mm) and stair type structure, Manual pop-up handle (1~4 Locking cams available) and Automatic pop-up handle (Double locking cams available), Heavy load sustainable roller with silky opening.

No. Name Description
1. BF - 60ND
2. SF - 60ND
3. GB - 5ND
4. MC - 60ND
5. BF - 60ND RF
6. SF - 60ND RF
7. Roller - 60
8. F/Piece FP - 60ND
9. SF Stopper - 115B
10. Mohair - 115
11. G/S - 24TT Out
12. Handle


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border April 2013
UPVC manufacturer

German upvc windows

The production process of Upvc windows in India starts with sodium chloride (common salt) from which chlorine gas is obtained by electrolysis. The Upvc windows in India are made keeping in mind the climatic condition in India.



During monsoons windows rot and expand due to continous water flowing over them due to rain but Upvc windows in India are based on an extraordinary in built special rain drain mechanism. These are resistant to wind . The UPVC windows in India don’t rattle in face of strong winds leading to whistling sounds. UPVC windows in India are environment friendly as they use less energy at the time of production beacuse their is lack of energy resourecs in India.

Upvc windows India


Upvc windows in India don’t use Tropical hardwoods that are ecologically unsound. When it comes to looks, UPVC windows in India wins the race because the elegant looks of UPVC windows enhances both the exteriors and interiors of the building. Upvc windows are poor conductors of heat. They have excellent sealing with multipoint locks and fusion welded joints.

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Upvc windows


Upvc windows conserve energy. Also, UPVC windows in India are not prone to termites. UPVC windows are steel reinforced so have strong structural strength leading to large amount sunlight getting in.

Which upvc windows

Windows upvc

UPVC windows have less frames so they allow more ventilation. International quality hardware is used in the construction of UPVC windows leading to easy usage experience. These Upvc Windows are modular in nature so they suit all the climatic conditions giving extraordinary response in India. Each window is made as per the customize size. However, there are some constraints for the maximum height and width of the Upvc windows in India which is different for each type of window.


What is upvc windows

UPVC Windows in India are even resistant to scratches during normal domestic use. Unlike more other plastics UPVC is self-extinguishing. It means when the source of fire is taken away , it stops burning. Upvc windows in India comes with various accessories such as drain sill, wall connector, Aluminum rails, hurricane bar, architectural trims, Georgian bar etc. Availability of all these accessories makes it even more easier for an individual to install UPVC windows in India.

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March 2013
Upvc windows


Upvc windows in India offers exceptional soundproofing by dampening sound vibrations, providing homeowners with a quiet and peaceful environment. Also, UPVC windows provide resistance to forced entry ,reducing theft and vandalism.

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German upvc

Using UPVC windows in India is beneficial because UPVC windows are available in a wide variety of profiles depending on the Purchasing capacity of an individual such as a good quality profile UPVC windows in India will increase price up to 15-20% costlier, which is still cheaper than other Turkish and Indian profile windows. So making mistakes in past and assuming we could overcome them in future. We don’t have that luxury anymore. So turn to UPVC windows today because Upvc windows in India are perfect for Indian climate and building styles.

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Upvc windows

When we hear that now a days Upvc windows are in trend and are of great importance and use ,the first question comes to our mind is that what UPVC stands for and how its features benefits us which other material can’t. Well! A simple answer of a simple question UPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a rigid, chemically resistant form of PVC used for piping, window frames, and other structures.

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