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Cora Performance Windows is a luxurious design product created with consideration on evocativeness and functionality. Cora Performance Windows has installed one of the biggest fully automatic UPVC manufacturing unit in India.

Cora Windows has established an enviable reputation as the premier UPVC doors and windows brand for its precision, innovation and customer service excellence. The company has amassed considerable expertise in designing and manufacturing UPVC windows and doors. Our products are always planned keeping you in mind.

Cora Performance Windows is part of the SCL Group, known for its windows, home fittings & interior solutions managed by young professionals from the fields of Architecture, Construction, IT and Management. Being part of such a prestigious parent group enables Cora to continue its remarkable run of innovation and remain at the forefront of the UPVC windows market.

We know that choosing the right company to carry out your home improvements is important to you. That is why we have predominant presence at all major platforms of interaction with you across the country. We are also exploring new avenues to leapfrog growth and make our presence felt across the world.


Check our wonderful Sliding and Casement products

  1. 2 Track Sliding Window

  2. Sliding Window with Coextruded bugmesh track

  3. 2 Track Sliding Door

  4. 3 Track Sliding Door & Window

  5. Casement Windows

  6. Turning Doors

  7. Cora Performance Windows-Video



What we offer?

We use the highest quality uPVC products which are perfect for Indian climate and building styles. Each window is custom-made to suit your requirements - in size, colour and design.

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    Cora Performance windows and doors profile comes with eco-friendly stabilizers.

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    Cora Performance windows never need painting or staining. It requires little maintenance by way of occasional cleaning with a mild detergent.

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    Cora Performance windows do not rot, rust or corrode and as they do not absorb moisture - they will not warp, twist or split.

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    Cora Performance windows are built with tough steel core and bring security to your home.

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    Cora Performance windows have excellent weather resistance & comply with the relevant BS Standards.

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    Cora Performance windows are easy to install in Houses, Farm Houses, Hotels, Offices, etc.

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    Cora Performance windows have excellent sound & dust resistance resulting in a clean and noise free house.

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    Cora Performance windows are effective insulators and cut down on your energy costs.


What we guide?

The favorable market response, the booming construction industry and the quality practices of have created unique opportunities.

Many things make up a successful company. But the real key to success is finding the right employees. If you're creative and ambitious and searching for a career in the challenging, fast-paced online world, is the place for you.

At "Cora Performance Windows" every day would be a challenge in itself and an opportunity to discover your true potential. An opportunity to grow with the company! We want you to work a little harder than you have ever worked! Your targets would be high and you would require a lot of courage and determination to succeed!

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Current Openings

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Phone Img 0120-2561223

E-44, Site B, Surajpur Industrial Area, Greater Noida, (U.P) – 201306


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Upvc windows and doors


Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) is also known as Rigid PVC. It is a chemical compound of chlorine, carbon and hydrogen. The ‘U’ states it is unplasticised, meaning the material used has not been softened by additional chemicals known as plasticisers.

Upvc windows in India

Upvc Windows

UPVC windows retain the energy inside the boundaries of the house thus helping in reduction of electricity bills to a greater extent. During summers, these UPVC windows trap the cold air inside and not letting it escape, thus increasing the cooling capacity of the Air Conditioners. Because of this fantastic feature there is reduction in consumption of electricity. In a similar manner, during winters these windows keep the icy cold breezes away, allowing warm air to remain longer.

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UPVC is characterized by certain basic properties such as it does not rot, is resistant to weathering, i.e. it does not shrink or expand and requires little maintenance and is tough on impact. It is also resistant to sunlight (UV Rays), chemical and oxidation from water, thus looking new even after years of usage.

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Upvc doors and windows


In this busy and fast life where one gets peace only at home, is also disturbed by the noise and pollution outside of our house premises and in extremely congested areas, but this can be overcome by the UPVC windows due to their capacity of providing insulation of noise and pollution from outside environment.

Windows upvc

Upvc Manufacturers

The major problem faced with old wooden windows is their getting jammed. Grime collects along the edges and windows need to be forced hard to open, and due to this these often remain shut thereby blocking ventilation, creating a musty environment. For opening them you need to battle with the hooks and put them back into the slot, so that they remain in place. All these can be vanished if you install UPVC windows, which open and shut with utmost ease.


Upvc windows

Windows are a source of ventilation, but these could also be responsible for burglary and break in the house. So, this calls for a need to install safety windows which are strong and designed in a manner which discourage thieves and burglars from breaking into the house. This can be achieved by UPVC windows, that provide maximum safety and security as it is made of strong, reliable and durable UPVC components, that are made of latest and high output technology-driven machines.

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January 2017
Upvc windows India


UPVC windows have fire safety requirements as they are inherently flame retardant, difficult to ignite and prevent fire from spreading in the house, thus becoming self extinguishing.

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UPVC Manufacturers

UPVC windows not only are simple glass panes but all the more beautify and maintain the decor of the house, ensuring safety for the house. These UPVC windows enhance the design of the house as these are available in a variety of shapes, types, colors and textures, allowing the owner to design their house as per their choice, taste and a suitable budget.

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Upvc windows and doors


Many UPVC windows are also eco- friendly as they are made of recycling materials. There is production through to recycling of discarded synthetic windows. Particularly complex industrial processes not only feel the need, but also have a great opportunity to minimize damage to the environment.

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